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Industrial Display Systems provide a wide range of reliable displays from 5.7" to 55" including LCD panels, open frame monitors, outdoor displays, panel mount monitors, and digital signage displays which work perfectly with embedded boards and systems to fulfill various application needs, and all of them are equipped with touch screens. Moreover, we have developed and focused on LCD display technologies such as high brightness technology and optical bonding solutions that bring more add-on value to enhance our LCD monitor, all these features can make industrial LCD panel, open frame monitor, outdoor displays, panel mount monitor and digital signage displays work perfectly in various environments.

Промышленные дисплейные комплекты

Advantech Industrial Display Kit series provide 5.7"~31.5" industrial LCD panels, outdoor displays and touchscreen displays which support sunlight readable and resistive touch functions, and are proven to work with all Advantech embedded platforms. Advantech IDK-1000 supports 250~400 nits brightness which is ideal for indoor applications while IDK-2000 supports 1200 nits high brightness - perfect for outdoor applications. To better fulfill customers' needs, Advantech not only offers various sizes of industrial LCD panels, outdoor displays and touchscreen displays, but also customization services like: Backlight Enhancement, Touch Panel Integration, Optical Bonding and LVDS Cable Customization Services.

Open Frame мониторы

Advantech Open Frame Monitor series is a touch screen monitor that supports rear mount and VESA mounting with integrated bracket design for easy installation. The series come in a bezel-less design with slim and light features allowing efficient integration into any embedded applications. Moreover, Open Frame Monitor series not only support rear mount and VESA mounting for easy installation, but also range in size from 6.5" to 19" and offers different choices with versatile touch screen monitor integration such as resistive, capacitive, and SAW.

Мониторы для монтажа в панель

Advantech Panel Mount Monitor series is a touch screen monitor that supports panel, front mount and VESA mounting for different integration applications. Advantech Panel Mount Monitor series is designed with aluminum front bezel and a modular architecture to be used in rugged environments and applications. They range in size from 6.5" to 19" and offers different choices with versatile touch screen monitor integration such as resistive, capacitive, and SAW.

Профильные сенсорные мониторы Proflat Professional Grade 100%

Advantech Proflat series of professional monitors responds to a demand for contemporary styling in demanding applications such as public signage, front of house information, medical and point-of-sale. The slim line monitors feature a flat, easy to clean and maintain glass surface that ensures product longevity. Its metal chassis design provides a rugged and stable platform for the widest range of applications. Optional multi-touch and the choice of either black or white finishes enables further product differentiation.

Дисплеи для цифровой рекламы

Advantech Digital Signage Display series provides DOOH and professional monitors designed especially for digital signage applications. Our professional monitors provide touch screens with large-formats, and rugged enough to withstand the constant interactivity inherent in public access venues. Designed for all digital signage applications, Advantech Digital Signage Display offers a longer life and a richer digital signage experience.

Конфигурируемые решения для дисплеев - сенсорные мониторы и мониторы без сенсорного экрана

Advantech configured display solutions offer TFT Display and TFT Monitor enable you to specify from over 30 different screen sizes, 7 different touch technologies and cover-lenses, a wide range of user configurable options such as high brightness, HDMI/Displayport™ interface with no minimum order or set up cost. You can also select each model in open-frame, closed frame or our elegant Proflat™ Chassis design. Quick sampling and the biggest product selection make our touch screen monitors an ideal and cost-effective solution for all industrial, professional, gaming and other markets where display differentiation is the key to success. High quality industrial grade components, 100% product burn-in and strict QC guarantees quality in which ever configuration you create.

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