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Панели оператора

Advantech offers operator panels including WebOP-2000T series with RISC processors to satisfy the stringent standards required in the automation market. The WebOP-2000T is bundled with WebAccess/HMI: powerful software which is able to create HMI application solutions for labor-saving, manufacturing efficiency improved and visualized operation on every machine in factory. WebOP-2000T supports over 450 PLC industrial communication protocols to fulfill the needs of different applications. Advantech Operator Panels offer the panel sizes from 3.5" to 10.1" with IP66 protection which is suitable for the use of different motion/thermal controllers, inverters and sensors. There is also industrial gateway WOP-2000G, reliable solution to collect production data completely for analysis.

Промышленный шлюз данных

Advantech Industrial Data Gateway including HMI Runtime Software and data storage. This gateway features dual power inputs to shorten the downtime to enhance operation stability. With versatile I/O interfaces that can easily connect PLCs, controllers, I/O devices and PC/Server for data transmission.

Диагональ 3.5" - 4.3"

Панели оператора с диагональю от 3.5" до 4.3" и ОС Win CE для общепромышленных задач.

Диагональ 5.6" - 7"

Веб-панели оператора с диагональю от 5.6" до 7" для систем автоматизации производства и общих промышленных задач.

Диагональ 8" - 10.4"

Веб-панели оператора с диагональю от 8" до 10.4" для систем автоматизации производства и общих промышленных задач.

Диагональ 12.1" - 15"

Веб-панели оператора с диагональю от 12.1" до 15" для систем автоматизации производства и общих промышленных задач.

WebAccess/HMI Designer/Runtime

WebAccess/HMI Designer is powerful yet intuitive software to create total solutions for all the TPC/ WebOP/ UNO series Human Machine Interface products. WebAccess/HMI is proven in many application fields and is an easy to use integrated development tool. The features include solution-oriented screen objects, high-end vector graphics, Windows fonts for multi-language applications, recipes, alarms, data loggers and operation logging. WebAccess/HMI Designer also includes online/offline simulation and other utility programs such as Data Transfer Helper (DTH); recipes editors and text editors. WebAccess/HMI runtime, a part of WebAccess/HMI Designer, guarantees reliability and performance of Open Platform because of the minimum system overhead, high communication data rates, sub-second screen switching, and 24/7 operation. Our fast response software team adds new functions, communication drivers and solutions to the software all the time to meet dynamic needs.

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